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About the Data contains a variety of data to support reliability engineering analysis from within ReliaSoft's software. The information included on this site is updated and maintained by ReliaSoft and is obtained from a variety of sources. This may include:

With regards to data collected from publicly available sources and/or submitted to ReliaSoft, please note that, in most cases, the physical characteristics as stated by the manufacturer were mapped to specific data fields as required to facilitate different types of reliability analysis, including prediction analysis. In cases where only partial information was available and/or the mapping to the required fields was not clearly indicated, ReliaSoft used engineering judgment and/or similarity to other components to determine the appropriate settings for those fields.

ReliaSoft is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse/recommend any of the products or components listed in this database. Furthermore, the data may contain errors and omissions that originated in the manufacturer specs, the data source used and/or transcription errors during data entry. Before using any of the component data in a final analysis, it is your responsibility to confirm the correctness/applicability of the data with the manufacturer.

Submitting Parts

If you are a component manufacturer who wishes to have parts made available through, please contact ReliaSoft to obtain more information. In most cases, ReliaSoft will provide you with input formats or options that will ensure the data submitted will be posted in a timely and accurate fashion.

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